Technology And Travel-The Bad

I was reminded today about the hindrance that technology can play on our travels. Let me just say, technology is a great thing when used properly. It gives us so many advantages and makes our ability to travel much more convenient. This is something I will discuss in a future blog.

For today, I want to discuss one of the biggest setbacks I have personally witnessed with technology, and that is the ability to live in the moment. As I was doing a cave tour earlier today, I noticed many people were taking the time to look at their phones and not pay attention to what was around them. They were surrounded by many amazing rock formations and waterfalls, but really did not seem to notice.

So many of us are handcuffed by our technological devices. I am guilty as charged of this on several occasions. As someone who does freelance work online and also enjoys social media, I understand the need to feel connected all of the time. Unfortunately, this causes us to not be able to experience the real world. We may read about the world, but we aren’t living in it. That is certainly a shame. We are so anxious to post about our experiences, that we are taking a moment to enjoy it. We are so anxious to get that perfect picture, that we aren’t experiencing what we’re looking at in real time.

While I love the advancements in technology, I hope it does not impede our connection with the world. Let’s travel and experience the world!


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My name is Ankit. I am a Registered nurse, author, world traveler, and of course, a coffee connoisseur. I am here to discuss all coffee-related topics, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them!

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