Top Burger Places in the US

Okay, so when I travel around, I often look for good burger places to eat at. I always enjoy a good burger. I do take my burger with all of the fix-ins: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mustard. However, I am not really a fan of the fancy burgers, like the ones that have fried eggs or blue cheese on them. I like them pretty simple. Many people just want the meat and bread, while others want whatever they can get their hands on. To each their own. In any case, there have been several taste tests to determine the best burger in the country. I know Five Guys just beat out In and Out Burger in a national taste test. I enjoy both places, but for me, In and Out is the winner in that race. Now, is In and Out my favorite in the country? Well, let’s have a discussion about that.

Let’s talk about some of the most popular burger joints in the country and see how they compare to one another. Now, I am keeping this strictly at fast food. Their have been several bars and restaurants I have been to that also have amazing burgers, but there are too many to count. Most of the places on my list are more specific to a certain region. For example, In and Out, is based more in the West and Southwest region. So, if you live in Chicago, you have to travel. Unless they have built one there recently and I am not aware of it. The main criteria for determining the best place? Simply put, it was the burger that tasted the best to me. That means the meat patty, the bun, and all of the fix-ins were put together perfectly. Without further ado, here are my top fast-food burger places. After going over them, I will tell you which one is the best for me.

Whataburger-My Texas friends swear by this place and will probably kill me if I don’t put it at the top of my list. The burger is good and they are bigger than the average burger you will find. “Everything is bigger in Texas” is not just a slogan. Whataburger is mainly found in the South and Southwest, like Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Definitely give them a try when you get a chance.

Habit Burger-I saw this place for the first time in California. I admit, I really liked it. The burger patty was nice and juicy and overall, tasted pretty good. I always enjoy a good charbroiled burger. The chain was started in California, but now is located around the country.

Cookout-Cookout is a fast-food chain operating out of the Southeast area of the country. I tried them out in Georgia. The best part about this place, is the low prices. When you get your burger, you will see exactly why. The portions are quite small. I think I devoured my burger in about two bites. None-the-less, the burger was really good and definitely and definitely one of my favorites.

Smashburger-Okay, so I love smash burger, Their burgers just do it for me and I love how they taste. Their portion sizes are pretty good too. They were also started in my adopted hometown of Denver, Colorado. That is all.

Five Guys-Five guys has a great burger and if you cannot handle their full-size burger, you can get the junior size, which is also quite filling. Five guys was started in Virginia, but is now located around the country.

In and Out-What can I say about In and Out. If you grew up in California, which I actually did not, than you swore by In and Out. They have and amazing burger patty and their onions are pretty awesome too. I remember when the first one opened in my hometown of Sparks, NV, the line was wrapped around the building several times. Just a great burger all around. I wonder where this would rank on my list.

So, after discussing some of my favorite burger places from around the country, which one of these do I consider the best? The answer is……………………………………………………………. .None of them.

That’s right. I love all of these places, but none of them are my very favorite. There is one place I have yet to mention, and I tried them for the very first time this year, in 2019. That place is Tasty Burger. That’s right, Tasty Burger is my number one joint for the best burger in the country. Chances are, if you have not been to the Boston, Massachusetts area, you have not heard of them. They first opened in 2010 and their burgers are absolutely amazing. The patty was a perfect combination of juicy and crispy. I may also be biased because Boston is my favorite city. But yes, Tasty burger tops my list for sure.

Here is a quick list in order from the places I have mentioned:

  1. Tasty Burger
  2. In and Out Burger
  3. Smash Burger
  4. Cookout
  5. Five Guys
  6. Whataburger
  7. Habit Burger

These are my favorites. Let me know yours. I could not just keep my list to five.

Here are also some honorable mentions:

-Blake’s Lota Burger in New Mexico

-Milo’s Burger


These places are pretty good also. Thanks for reading my list of the best burger places in the country.


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