Going Local

When traveling, one of the greatest things to experience is the local culture of an area: the local food, the local sites, the local events and the local people. It’s mind boggling to me when people travel and simply do the things they do on a regular basis at home. “Hey, we’re in Rome, let’s have McDonalds for dinner instead of authentic Italian food.” If anyone told me this while they were traveling with me, I would ditch them. Don’t you want to experience the local flair and not just do what you always do at home? To each their own, but you won’t be my travel partner.

Now, I am not talking about activities that you can do at home, but will experience in a different way somewhere else. For example, back home, you may have some great hiking trails, however, on your travels, you may get to experience their own local trails. You may love to golf, and If you go to Scotland, you will get to experience it even further. Honestly, there may be some chain restaurants that you have at home, that will serve something local to the area you are in. I’ve certainly eaten at chain restaurants when traveling if they were serving something unique.

My point here is that when traveling, try to experience something unique to that area. Try to experience something new that you may not get back at home. This will truly open your mind to the world that is around you. So, go to that new event you’ve never seen, try that new food that you’ve never tasted, meet that local store owner and learn about his ways.

Truly experience the world in a big way. Remember, far more exists out there beyond your own city block. Get out there and embrace it.


Published by Coffee-Cravings

My name is Ankit. I am a Registered nurse, author, world traveler, and of course, a coffee connoisseur. I am here to discuss all coffee-related topics, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them!

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