The Travel Bug-An Essay

The Travel Bug
Ankit Shukla

Travel Bug: The Most Contagious Disease
Going around the world, coast to coast, sea to sea, there are many illnesses out there that strike people. These illnesses may devastate people and even those closest to them. I will not be discussing these devastating illnesses today. What we will discuss right here, right now, is one of the most contagious diseases on the planet. Also, it is in no way devastating. Unless we are talking about your bank account. The travel bug is something that never goes away once you have it.

My Own Experience
When I was a young boy growing up in Nevada, my traveling experience was very limited. With the lack of resources and money, it just was not an option at the time. Finally, when I was 15, I traveled with my dad to my birth country of India. It was truly a unique experience and something I had never seen before. I did not realize it at the time, but I would be riddled with an illness that I would never be able to get rid of.
After this point, I had the travel bug. It grew slowly over the years, and by the time I was in my early twenties, it was full-blown. I would travel anywhere I could. Road trips were some of my favorite adventures. In fact, they still are to this day. I have never been able to get rid of the traveling bug, and I never will. The only thing I can do is manage it, so it does not completely destroy my bank account. I just have to figure out how to travel for me and I am set for life.

Managing The Travel Bug
While the travel bug is the most exciting illness to be stricken with, it is still quite expensive and can heavily weigh down on your bank account. There really is no cure for the travel bug. The only antidote is a heavy dose of leaving your neighborhood and seeing the world. Take small trips or go to the other side of the world. This will be your only recourse for battling this contagious disease.
Every few months, or whenever you can manage, take a trip out of your local neighborhood. This could just be a road trip to a nearby town, a flight across the world, or anything in between. There is no cure, but traveling can at least help relieve the symptoms. The worst thing that can happen is the inevitable hit to your savings. Don’t worry though, manage your trips with the resources you have and remember that memories last longer than money.

In the end, getting stricken with the traveling bug was one of the greatest things to have happened to me. It forced me to see the world and get out of my comfort zone. If you have the travel bug, feel blessed, because you are on your way to experiencing the beautiful world, we live in. Enjoy the traveling bug, but certainly, do not let it take over you. The travel bug is contagious, but I cannot think of a better illness to be stricken with.


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