Why I Roadtrip

So, for those who know me well understand that I love taking road trips and so does my wife. Whenever possible, I will get in my car and hit the open road and prefer to do this way more than flying. Recently, we began taking road trips again. During the pandemic, this was halted for a while and I don’t need to get into the reasons why.

I can honestly say that I have driven in just about every part of the United States. Now that we have started taking these trips again, many people ask why we don’t just fly to destinations. I guess that’s a fair question; but, I truly feel that these individuals don’t appreciate a good road trip and how much fun they can be.

I’m just going to say it: “Flying is a pain in the you know what!” I have felt this way for a long time, even way before the pandemic. Of course, 9/11 happened 20 years ago and flying has never been the same. I only flew a couple of times before the 9/11 tragedy and I am sure most of us have a hard time remembering what flying was like over 20 years ago.

Now, going back to what I said earlier: flying sucks! This has nothing to do with the flight attendants or anyone else that works in the airline industry. In fact, my experience with these individuals has been pleasant for the most part. I just hate going through security, waiting to board, trying to fit my luggage into a small space, and then sitting in a cramped seat for several hours with nowhere to go. All you can do is people watch, look out the plane, read, watch a movie, or sleep. Plus, you have to be careful about what you bring on the plane and how much you can take with you.

Now let’s get to roadtripping. When you’re on the open road, you can pack up your car with all the goodies you want, stop when you please, do a lot of sightseeing, and just enjoy your own personal space. Imagine driving from Los Angeles to New York and having multiple experiences along the way. For example, you can stop in Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, stay the night in the Rocky Mountains, or visit one of the great lakes. You can get some green chili in New Mexico, try some barbecue in Missouri, eat an authentic Chicago Dog in the Windy City, and stop for a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. You might come upon a random historical landmark in the middle of nowhere or discover a new place that tickles your fancy. Can you have these experiences while flying? Not really.

Imagine driving cross country and getting to see what the different states have to offer, from the small rural communities to the major metropolitan cities. You will have the opportunity to meet several new people and have experiences you never imagined. For example, you could be driving through a random town and see a store you like. Since you have a car, you have the freedom to buy a few items and take them with you.

Roadtripping allows you to be on the open road, get some fresh air, listen to great music, and just enjoy some time with people you love. Or, you can use this opportunity for peace and quiet, if you so desire. Could you have some unexpected setbacks along the way? Of course, you can. However, these are also part of the experience.

These, and many more, are the reasons why I road trip. Basically, I love the experience. I am not just excited about the final destination, but also the journey I will have along the way. Now, I am not afraid of flying. We certainly will if we have to travel overseas or go a long distance in a short period of time. However, whenever possible, I will choose to get behind the wheel with my wife next to me, listen to some good music, and head out on the open highway, or a local street.

If you’ve never been one to take road trips, that’s fine. To each their own. However, if you have never experienced a good road trip, then try it out some time. Even if you’re just driving a few towns over, go for that drive and see how you feel.


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