The Importance of Hobbies

You have probably heard the term “hobbies” quite often. Hobbies can range from being physical to educational, and many things in between. Sometimes, they are a little bit of everything. They can be defined as any activity that people engage in voluntarily on a consistent basis. For instance, playing an intramural sport, painting, martial arts, writing, biking, playing chess, or woodworking can all be considered leisurely activities that people choose to take part in. Sometimes, these hobbies turn into careers, or ways to make a living.

Hobbies are important to have in our lives because they can be great for our physical and mental health. If a person decides to go hiking, not only are they getting some good physical exercise, but also time to think and be one with nature. There is something soothing about escaping the daily grind and going deep into the woods to get some mental clarity. There more to life than just working and paying bills.

Hobbies can help build connections with other human beings, improve happiness, and reduce stress, among other things. Overall, they give you something to enjoy, whether in a group, or solo. For me, hobbies helped me create social connections with others while I was a traveling nurse. For example, I would go hiking in groups, or join a dance club while living temporarily in various cities around the country. There was also a time when I became part of a culinary club and we went out to eat at different types of restaurants every week. That was a blast!

I advise everyone to have hobbies that they enjoy. The key word there is “enjoy”. Do not engage in an activity because you are forced to. Hobbies are meant to be fun and relaxing, not create more stress or anxiety. If your new leisure activity is not fun for you, then get rid of it. Now, by this, I mean that it must bring genuine enjoyment to your life. If hiking a large mountain that is strenuous is fun for you, then great. If playing a challenging game of chess is up your alley, that’s great too.

The point here is that hobbies are important, so incorporate them into your lives. Once again, any leisurely activity that you voluntarily engage in counts. Let me recommend a great website: On this site, you can join many types of clubs that are interested in almost any type of activity. I have literally joined clubs for writing, bowling, dancing, eating, archery, and hiking, along with others. came in very handy while I was a traveling nurse moving around the country every few months.

In addition, you can find groups of people at work, in your apartment complex or neighborhood, or just go by yourself. There is literally nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. Also, never apologize for the hobbies you have. If others don’t understand them, that’s their problem, not yours.

If there is something you have always wanted to try, then go out there and do it. Of course, aka ways take the proper safety precautions. For example, don’t just go rock climbing without a partner or expert to guide you. Now, get out there and have some fun!


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