Sushi Den

Ok, so I can honestly say that I have found a second good Sushi/Japanese restaurant in the Denver area. I mentioned in a previous article that we have had bad luck with Sushi places in the area. Not sure why, but even the highly recommended places did not cut it for us.

Sushi Den was recommended to us by a patient. After my wife and I tried it, we agreed that it lived up to the recommendation. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and so was the service. I started off the meal with a Japanese Whiskey called Mars Iwai. I’m sure all of the whiskey fanatics, which I am not, out there can discuss this drink further. For me, it was smooth and went down pretty easily.

For an appetizer, we had calamari, which was slightly rubbery, and had a flavorful taste to it. I definitely liked it, but it also had a fishy taste, just so you are aware. I enjoy that, but not all people do. Perhaps my top 5 that I have had. For dinner, I had the tuna firecracker roll, which was topped with jalapenos. (See pictures below) Rolls are generally my go-to at Japanese restaurants. The various Sashimis are also great and I cannot honestly remember the name of the one I had. sorry guys.

My wife had the Salmon Kama, which was the grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce. This is her go-to in most Japanese restaurants and she also enjoyed her meal. We finished off the meal with a nice dessert, which was a chocolate cake. We definitely recommend trying Sushi Den. The greatest part is that it’s away from busy downtown.

Tuna Firecracker Roll
Mars Iwai Whiskey

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