Should You Take the Trip?

There are many challenges that we are facing in this world. Some people face more than others. On a daily basis, we have tasks to complete, bills to pay, jobs to go to, people to see, family to care for, and errands to run. If we’re lucky, that’s all we have to deal with. Life never seems to stop and we feel like we must keep going. In fact, we are often encouraged to keep going and held up on a pedestal when we do. Where is the room for fun? If you talk to some people, you’re not supposed to have any.

People are concerned with making money and saving it for the day they might need it. I admit that I enjoy saving and investing money. The more I have in my accounts, the better I feel. It provides a level of comfort. Someday, I may need that money and it will be a good thing for me to have it. When I have an emergency savings account, I am less stressed about my car breaking down, my air conditioner going out, having a medical procedure done, or any other unexpected expense. I work hard, save, and invest regularly so that my family and myself are taken care of.

That being said, at what point can I start enjoying my money? I say that if you earn it, enjoy it always. This means that you should do nice things for yourself and those you love if it makes you feel good. How can you do that and save at the same time? Well, that’s where budgeting comes in. I am far from a financial expert, so I will let you decide how you want to allocate your funds towards savings, investments, bills, and fun, etc. I will say, pay yourself first and then take care of the rest.

The question here is, should you take the trip? That trip you have been wanting to take for years but are worried about the cost. That trip that will be expensive, exhausting, and unpredictable. Should you take it? I say, “Yes, you should!” Of course, make sure the most important matters of your life are taken care of. I’m certainly not telling you to miss a mortgage payment or not buy food for your family so you can go on a trip instead. However, if you’re wondering if the trip will be worth it, then the answer is “Yes, take the trip.” It could literally change your life and I’m not being hyperbolic here. I trip to a place you’ve never been can change your mindset and outlook on life. You will get a great experience out of it that you never imagined.

Is it possible that the trip will suck and disappoint you? Yes, but at least you tried and would still get a new experience out of it. When your looking at your savings account and wonder if you should have a little fun, why not try it just once? So, take the trip. You can always make more money. However, time and opportunities are limited. Time, you will never get back, and opportunities, if you are lucky, will present themselves once or twice. So, take a chance and go on that trip. In the end, you will regret not going more than you will going and not having a great time.


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My name is Ankit. I am a Registered nurse, author, world traveler, and of course, a coffee connoisseur. I am here to discuss all coffee-related topics, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them!

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