Starting With a Clean Slate

So, I am not huge on making New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, I have many goals that I constantly assess and reassess. However, the idea that the turn of a calendar page suddenly makes me want to change everything about my life is not something I am gung-ho about. When I want to make a change, I’m going to make it, whether it’s January 1st or June 15th. If you like to make resolutions, that’s great and I wish you well in your pursuits. I do advise, however, that you make these resolutions reasonable. You’re probably not going to overhaul your whole life within a couple of days, or weeks, and that’s perfectly fine. For now, focus on small, achievable goals.

Even though I don’t make resolutions, perse, I truly believe that the New Year can be a clean slate, where you are starting fresh. Or, at least, as fresh as you can. Let’s be real; we can’t just ignore everything from December 31st and expect it to not follow us on January 1st. What we can do, is evaluate our past year. If you wrote down some goals, look at them and see if you reached them, or are in the process of doing so. Pat yourself on the back for the goals you did reach or the ones you have made progress on, no matter how small. Next, look at the goals you forgot about, or did not pursue in any significant manner. Determine why progress was not made in these areas. Can these issues be fixed? Are these goals still worth pursuing? If not, you should probably let them go and focus on something else.

How are your relationships? How is your health? How are your finances? Do you like your job or career? Do you have fun hobbies or areas of interest? Are you genuinely happy? Ask yourself these questions and if you don’t like the answers, figure out what you can do to fix them. Once again, take small, reasonable steps. You will not fix your life in a day or two, and nor should you expect to. What you can do is make small changes to your daily habits that are geared toward your goals. For instance, if you want to fix your health, start a small exercise regimen and move up as tolerated. Perhaps you can start walking a few times around the block and increase the activity level slowly. Of course, your starting point depends on your current exercise/fitness regimen.

Yes, even though I am not huge on making resolutions/goals, simply because it’s a new year, I acknowledge that it’s a chance to create a clean slate. You can slowly become a new person; the type of person you have always wanted to be. Well, I guess you can say I believe in resolutions to a certain degree. Have a great 2023 everyone!


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