Welcome To My Life!

Welcome To My Nomadic Nurse Life!

Hey Hey! Ankit here. Welcome to my site and more importantly, welcome to my life! This has been my life for many years. I am a traveling nurse, which means I work all over the country using my skills as a dialysis nurse to help patients who are living with Kidney failure.

On top of being able to help patients in their most vulnerable states, a responsibility I take very seriously, I also get the opportunity to see and experience the beautiful world we live in. As a nomad since 2010, I have lived and worked all over the US and traveled to many parts of the world. I have met amazing people and tried food I never even knew existed. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to work as a traveling nurse and I am excited to bring my experiences to you.

Not only will I talk about my time as a nurse, I will also share tips, advice and overall life experiences. I am looking forward to speaking with all of you!

For more of my experiences as a traveling nurse, also check out my book: Going Global: The Life of a Traveling Nurse. Or, you can just follow me on this blog. Thanks for joining me!


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Okay, so we have had a string of good luck finding great Sushi/Japanese restaurants in and around Denver over the past year. For a while, this was not the case. However, Edo Higan and Sushi Den were great. Now, we have another one to add to the list, and that’s Jing. I think this is technically an Asian fusion-style restaurant, but their rolls are absolutely amazing.

I had the snow crab dynamite roll, which was fantastic. The crab tasted very fresh. My wife had the Peking duck and our friend who joined us had the salmon. We were all satisfied with our meal choices. However, the dish we loved the most was an appetizer. The Shishito peppers were delicious with the bubu arare (rice pearls) and a flavorful spicy sauce. We all agreed that these were the best Shishito peppers ever. Of course, this was also the first time any of us tried them, so not much to compare yet.

If you don’t like spicy food, don’t worry about the Shishito peppers. They are not too bad. Of course, you may occasionally get an extra spicy one, so it’s a little like playing Russian Roulet. Also, I have a pretty high tolerance for spice. That being said, these peppers are pretty mild.

The service was great too and our waitress was very knowledgeable. The ambiance is nice too. If you are looking for a great spot to eat in the Denver area, check out Jing in Greenwood Village.

Starting With a Clean Slate

So, I am not huge on making New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, I have many goals that I constantly assess and reassess. However, the idea that the turn of a calendar page suddenly makes me want to change everything about my life is not something I am gung-ho about. When I want to make a change, I’m going to make it, whether it’s January 1st or June 15th. If you like to make resolutions, that’s great and I wish you well in your pursuits. I do advise, however, that you make these resolutions reasonable. You’re probably not going to overhaul your whole life within a couple of days, or weeks, and that’s perfectly fine. For now, focus on small, achievable goals.

Even though I don’t make resolutions, perse, I truly believe that the New Year can be a clean slate, where you are starting fresh. Or, at least, as fresh as you can. Let’s be real; we can’t just ignore everything from December 31st and expect it to not follow us on January 1st. What we can do, is evaluate our past year. If you wrote down some goals, look at them and see if you reached them, or are in the process of doing so. Pat yourself on the back for the goals you did reach or the ones you have made progress on, no matter how small. Next, look at the goals you forgot about, or did not pursue in any significant manner. Determine why progress was not made in these areas. Can these issues be fixed? Are these goals still worth pursuing? If not, you should probably let them go and focus on something else.

How are your relationships? How is your health? How are your finances? Do you like your job or career? Do you have fun hobbies or areas of interest? Are you genuinely happy? Ask yourself these questions and if you don’t like the answers, figure out what you can do to fix them. Once again, take small, reasonable steps. You will not fix your life in a day or two, and nor should you expect to. What you can do is make small changes to your daily habits that are geared toward your goals. For instance, if you want to fix your health, start a small exercise regimen and move up as tolerated. Perhaps you can start walking a few times around the block and increase the activity level slowly. Of course, your starting point depends on your current exercise/fitness regimen.

Yes, even though I am not huge on making resolutions/goals, simply because it’s a new year, I acknowledge that it’s a chance to create a clean slate. You can slowly become a new person; the type of person you have always wanted to be. Well, I guess you can say I believe in resolutions to a certain degree. Have a great 2023 everyone!

Should You Take the Trip?

There are many challenges that we are facing in this world. Some people face more than others. On a daily basis, we have tasks to complete, bills to pay, jobs to go to, people to see, family to care for, and errands to run. If we’re lucky, that’s all we have to deal with. Life never seems to stop and we feel like we must keep going. In fact, we are often encouraged to keep going and held up on a pedestal when we do. Where is the room for fun? If you talk to some people, you’re not supposed to have any.

People are concerned with making money and saving it for the day they might need it. I admit that I enjoy saving and investing money. The more I have in my accounts, the better I feel. It provides a level of comfort. Someday, I may need that money and it will be a good thing for me to have it. When I have an emergency savings account, I am less stressed about my car breaking down, my air conditioner going out, having a medical procedure done, or any other unexpected expense. I work hard, save, and invest regularly so that my family and myself are taken care of.

That being said, at what point can I start enjoying my money? I say that if you earn it, enjoy it always. This means that you should do nice things for yourself and those you love if it makes you feel good. How can you do that and save at the same time? Well, that’s where budgeting comes in. I am far from a financial expert, so I will let you decide how you want to allocate your funds towards savings, investments, bills, and fun, etc. I will say, pay yourself first and then take care of the rest.

The question here is, should you take the trip? That trip you have been wanting to take for years but are worried about the cost. That trip that will be expensive, exhausting, and unpredictable. Should you take it? I say, “Yes, you should!” Of course, make sure the most important matters of your life are taken care of. I’m certainly not telling you to miss a mortgage payment or not buy food for your family so you can go on a trip instead. However, if you’re wondering if the trip will be worth it, then the answer is “Yes, take the trip.” It could literally change your life and I’m not being hyperbolic here. I trip to a place you’ve never been can change your mindset and outlook on life. You will get a great experience out of it that you never imagined.

Is it possible that the trip will suck and disappoint you? Yes, but at least you tried and would still get a new experience out of it. When your looking at your savings account and wonder if you should have a little fun, why not try it just once? So, take the trip. You can always make more money. However, time and opportunities are limited. Time, you will never get back, and opportunities, if you are lucky, will present themselves once or twice. So, take a chance and go on that trip. In the end, you will regret not going more than you will going and not having a great time.

Sushi Den

Ok, so I can honestly say that I have found a second good Sushi/Japanese restaurant in the Denver area. I mentioned in a previous article that we have had bad luck with Sushi places in the area. Not sure why, but even the highly recommended places did not cut it for us.

Sushi Den was recommended to us by a patient. After my wife and I tried it, we agreed that it lived up to the recommendation. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and so was the service. I started off the meal with a Japanese Whiskey called Mars Iwai. I’m sure all of the whiskey fanatics, which I am not, out there can discuss this drink further. For me, it was smooth and went down pretty easily.

For an appetizer, we had calamari, which was slightly rubbery, and had a flavorful taste to it. I definitely liked it, but it also had a fishy taste, just so you are aware. I enjoy that, but not all people do. Perhaps my top 5 that I have had. For dinner, I had the tuna firecracker roll, which was topped with jalapenos. (See pictures below) Rolls are generally my go-to at Japanese restaurants. The various Sashimis are also great and I cannot honestly remember the name of the one I had. sorry guys.

My wife had the Salmon Kama, which was the grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce. This is her go-to in most Japanese restaurants and she also enjoyed her meal. We finished off the meal with a nice dessert, which was a chocolate cake. We definitely recommend trying Sushi Den. The greatest part is that it’s away from busy downtown.

Tuna Firecracker Roll
Mars Iwai Whiskey

Favorite Ethnic Foods

Okay, so I have been asked what my favorite ethnic foods are a number of times. Honestly, it’s hard for me to say because I like so many different types of foods from all over the world. The deciding factor for what I eat is basically what I’m craving at that particular moment. Sometimes, I will crave burgers and fries. Other times, I will crave sushi, or tacos, or galumpkis, or samosas, etc. I am the type of person who will eat all sorts of different ethnic foods in one day. It’s a blessing to have so many culinary treats all over the world.

Here is a list of some of my tops ethnic foods in no particular order:

1: Indian

2: Japanese

3: Thai

4: Polish

5: Mediterranean (Includes many different ethnicities from that part of the world)

6: Ethiopean

7: Mexican

8: Spanish

9: Korean

10: Filipino

In summary, I like food and am willing to at least try new things.

The Importance of Hobbies

You have probably heard the term “hobbies” quite often. Hobbies can range from being physical to educational, and many things in between. Sometimes, they are a little bit of everything. They can be defined as any activity that people engage in voluntarily on a consistent basis. For instance, playing an intramural sport, painting, martial arts, writing, biking, playing chess, or woodworking can all be considered leisurely activities that people choose to take part in. Sometimes, these hobbies turn into careers, or ways to make a living.

Hobbies are important to have in our lives because they can be great for our physical and mental health. If a person decides to go hiking, not only are they getting some good physical exercise, but also time to think and be one with nature. There is something soothing about escaping the daily grind and going deep into the woods to get some mental clarity. There more to life than just working and paying bills.

Hobbies can help build connections with other human beings, improve happiness, and reduce stress, among other things. Overall, they give you something to enjoy, whether in a group, or solo. For me, hobbies helped me create social connections with others while I was a traveling nurse. For example, I would go hiking in groups, or join a dance club while living temporarily in various cities around the country. There was also a time when I became part of a culinary club and we went out to eat at different types of restaurants every week. That was a blast!

I advise everyone to have hobbies that they enjoy. The key word there is “enjoy”. Do not engage in an activity because you are forced to. Hobbies are meant to be fun and relaxing, not create more stress or anxiety. If your new leisure activity is not fun for you, then get rid of it. Now, by this, I mean that it must bring genuine enjoyment to your life. If hiking a large mountain that is strenuous is fun for you, then great. If playing a challenging game of chess is up your alley, that’s great too.

The point here is that hobbies are important, so incorporate them into your lives. Once again, any leisurely activity that you voluntarily engage in counts. Let me recommend a great website: meetup.com. On this site, you can join many types of clubs that are interested in almost any type of activity. I have literally joined clubs for writing, bowling, dancing, eating, archery, and hiking, along with others. Meetup.com came in very handy while I was a traveling nurse moving around the country every few months.

In addition, you can find groups of people at work, in your apartment complex or neighborhood, or just go by yourself. There is literally nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. Also, never apologize for the hobbies you have. If others don’t understand them, that’s their problem, not yours.

If there is something you have always wanted to try, then go out there and do it. Of course, aka ways take the proper safety precautions. For example, don’t just go rock climbing without a partner or expert to guide you. Now, get out there and have some fun!


Okay, so I consider myself a foodie. I enjoy trying foods from all over the world. Even if I don’t like something, I am generally glad I at least tried it. One of my guilty pleasures has always been a good hotdog. When I was a kid, I would eat them often, much to the disgust of my family members, who found them grotesque.

There are numerous types of hotdogs out there, from the All-American to the New York style, the Chicago dog, the chili-cheese dog and many more. As you go throughout the various regions in the United States and even other parts of the world, you will find different types of hot dogs. For instance, in the Philippines, they have these red hotdogs that are sliced up and mixed in with their spaghetti sauce. It’s a local delicacy. 

The bottom line is that hotdogs are delicious, and a culinary staple in many parts of the world. Whether you are at a ballgame, a barbecue, in a restaurant, or just walking down the street, holding a hotdog in your hand with a cold beverage of your choice is true heaven. By the way, food trucks or stands will often have the best hotdogs. Now, go out there and eat your weiner! Yep, I said it.

Hotdogs can be prepared in a variety of ways. Some people will just microwave them, while others will boil them. I admit, I have never tried boiled hotdogs and don’t plan to anytime soon. They can also be steamed, or my personal favorite, grilled. I find that grilling locks in the flavor and makes them juicy, while also crispy. A hotdog with a crispy outer skin and a juicy center is exquisite! How do you prefer your hotdogs to be cooked?

Let’s talk about condiments. Depending on the region and types of hotdogs, the condiments will vary. For example, a Chicago dog is busier than a California interstate. On it, you will find chopped white onions, yellow mustard, a dill pickle spear, green sweet pickled relish, tomato wedges, some celery salt, and pickled sport peppers. I love a good Chicago dog and seek one out whenever I’m in the city. (Yes, I know they can be found in other places). You know what you won’t find on a Chicago dog? Good old ketchup. That’s right, if you put Ketchup on a Chicago dog, you will be getting some dirty looks, if not something worse.

Is ketchup allowed on other types of hotdogs? Technically, yes. You may see an All-American dog with some ketchup, along with mustard and relish. However, many connoisseurs of hotdogs frown upon the use of this condiment. They feel it takes away from the flavor of the tasty treat. I have moved away from ketchup as I’ve grown older, however, I will have it occasionally with certain types of hotdogs. Of course, I would never put it on a Chicago or chili cheese dog. That’s just disgusting. Does it bother me when others do it? Not at all. To each their own. I’ll eat my hotdogs my way, and you can eat yours however you please. Now, go out there and get your wiener!

The Importance of Kindness

We have all faced challenges in our lives, some more than others. One of the hardest things to do during these moments is to remain stoic; to keep from falling apart for the world to see. While there are times when it is okay to break down emotionally, there are moments where we must remain strong, whether it is at work, or for our family members who rely on us.

Recently, my wife and I have experienced some challenges that came out of nowhere. While there were moments we wanted to break down, we kept up our strength and pushed forward. This is mainly because we had to, or else, we would be stuck in a rut with no way out. We had to be tough to make it!

During these challenging situations, we had to rely on our strength, faith, perseverance, and love for one another. On top of that, another thing we had to rely on was the kindness of strangers. From the kind woman in the restaurant who helped us with the smallest favor, to the pharmacist who ensured our prescriptions were ready to go while we were traveling back home, every small act of kindness was noticed and highly appreciated. During times of turmoil, these acts of kindness gave us the strength to keep on moving.

In the end, I truly learned just how important being a kind person is. We truly don’t understand what another person is going through. We think we do based on their outward demeanor, but someone who looks strong on the outside might be doing their best to hold themselves together. Being kind to them could be the one thing that keeps them going.

You don’t truly realize how important kindness from strangers is until you’re going through your own struggles. That one person who holds the door open, helps you pick up an item that fell, pulls over at the side of the road to help you, provides you with information you were looking for, or just gives you a friendly smile, could completely change your mindset for the day. Imagine walking down the road, feeling down, and then running into someone who gives you a friendly smile. How would this make you feel? Probably better than what you were feeling before.

I’m not going to pretend to know how others feel. However, I definitely understand that kindness goes a long way, even if it feels like it doesn’t. A small act of kindness can alter someone’s day in a very positive way. So, let’s do our best to be kind to one another, because we are all dealing with challenges no one knows anything about.

Victoria, BC, Canada: The Unknown Treaure

Okay, so I am writing this from the viewpoint of someone who has grown up in the United States. However, whenever I have heard about Canada, people will mention Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Nova Scotia, and to a lesser degree, Calgary, and Saskatoon. I have visited a couple of these places and they are great cities.

On a recent trip to Canada, My wife and I visited Victoria, located on the southern portion of Vancouver Island. It is also the capital of British Columbia, which I was surprised to learn. I wasn’t expecting much when I went there, besides some pretty sites and some good nature. However, again to my surprise, Victoria is truly a hidden treasure filled with many great restaurants, museums, aquatic activities, hiking, and many other things. Oh, and the people are friendly too.

The inner harbor was a delight as there are numerous restaurants within walking distance, including some food trucks. The Royal BC Museum is also in this area. The Parliament building is very lighted at night and a beautiful site to see. Our hotel was right over the water, which provided a great view throughout the day, especially in the morning. It is burned into my memory and will use it as motivation to go further in life. Who doesn’t want a water view? Well, I guess some people don’t.

The downtown area also provided some great restaurants. There was a diversity of culinary treats, such as Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, or just simple burgers, fries, and pizza. You may be surprised by the variety of food available. The weather was perfect while we were there. It remained in the 60s and 70s but felt warmer with the sun shining all day.

Anyways, all I can say about Victoria is that it has way more than I thought and I am very impressed. Vancouver Island, as a whole, is worth visiting. The region provides numerous small towns and access to great hiking, golfing, camping, eating, and numerous other exciting activities. I hope this does not sound like an infomercial, but I hope all of you get the opportunity to visit Victoria. If so, I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

My wife and I have traveled throughout the world and Victoria is definitely a place we will be returning to.

Denver Taco Festival

My wife and I went to the Denver Taco Festival this past weekend. Basically, there were several different food trucks. We stopped by a truck called “The Captain: Tacos and Sushi. My wife had the beef tacos and I had the shrimp and fish. The extra ingredients like pico, cilantro, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and lime definitely added to the flavor. The tacos came three to a plate and were fairly small in size. I recommend trying it if you ever get a chance.

Honestly, I thought there would be a lot more going on, but it was a pretty small festival. Besides the food, they also had chihuahua races and some Lucha Libre Wrestling. So, there was some pretty good entertainment. I didn’t watch the chihuahua races but did see a small dog walking around with a sombrero, which was pretty cute.

Anyways, definitely check out the Denver Taco Festival next year if you can. The entry fee is $10 along with the parking fee. Oh, and don’t forget about the food. I would say it’s worth it at least once for the experience, I just wish they had more vendors than they did.